What have clients said?

...challenged our thinking, brought us good information, and has been very beneficial to us dollar-wise to date. We were kept informed of what she was doing in our behalf but our own time involvement was kept minimal.” - factory division in MN

“…analyzed some expense areas for us. We are satisfied with the results, the quality of work, and are using most of the recommendations. During this process, our time involvement was kept minimal also, which was important to us. Our employees are all working at full capacity so having someone else review some basic overhead expense areas on a results only basis has been very beneficial to us.” - manufacturer in MN

“Expense Reduction Services provides a valuable service for expense review providing scrutiny not always available in-house.” - rural city in MN

“I wanted to let you know that the money you helped the City ... to save is definitely, definitely, worth the small amount of time that city staff put into providing you with information. You, Brenda, were great to deal with and very knowledgeable about everything from street lights to water and sewer chemicals and testing. I believe each city owes it to their taxpayers to review contracts and vendors; however, time constraints can sometimes make this difficult to get done. Having you do it was very cost effective and I believe you got us better pricing. One way I think you were able to do this is because you were objective and didn’t have prior relationships that you were attempting to steer us to. Thank you Brenda for cutting our costs tremendously….” - rural city in MN

We have a responsibility to do things as economically as we can. If providing outside assistance aids in that, then I think we need to do it. It’s a lot more of a problem for me and Management to go along with things as they are…and then get called on the carpet by a Board member or community resident, asking, ‘Why are you doing this?’ There are so many things out there we don’t know about that others do. If a hospital can save, then I think they should do it.” - rural hospital in MN

“…We strive to keep our expenses as low as possible, but felt it wouldn’t hurt to have Brenda review our expenses to see what we may be missing. The work was done very diligently and professionally. Per the review, we are saving on our electricity and telecom expenses.” - bank in MN

“We appreciate the time you took to review our expenses and the depth with which you looked at things was at a much higher level than anticipated. You reviewed our expenses at a level we didn’t have the knowledge to get into. The pharmacy credit we received on your behalf would not have been found otherwise if you had not looked into it as deeply as you did.” - rural hospital in NE

“…performed a telephone audit for us. I consider outstanding the detail she went into to verify that certain lines were needed, or the frequency they were used. Based on that detail, she suggested dropping some. When I asked for even more information, she went back and got it, which made me even more comfortable in my decision-making. It certainly was a no-risk service for us. The service was conducted according to the proposal….submitted, with no hidden costs or surprise work asked of us. I appreciated that very much. Little direct involvement was required on my part. I found I could confidently turn it over to my staff to work with her. Also, of the suggestions we received, we were not pressured to implement anything we didn’t like. I was very satisfied with the service provided.” - nursing home, MN

“…reviewed two expense areas for us, with savings resulting in both of them. We didn’t utilize all of the recommendations, but on those we did we reduced our utility bills $6,000 annually. We also received about $2,000 in one time rebates and retroactive credits for billing errors. Brenda was always very pleasant to work with and conducted herself in a professional manner.” - public school in MN

“Absolutely, it was a worthwhile exercise for us to have our telecom expenses reviewed by you. We learned a great deal from it. Our staff does a good job, but there are so many details to pay attention to. You have to have the knowledge and background to recognize all the different things and what to look for. As a result of this process, it’s easier for us to identify and understand what we’re dealing with. It took some time. I wouldn’t say a lot. I think that’s expected.” - medical clinic in MN

What’s impressive is your thoroughness, without making extra work for me. The end result is annual savings...that I seemed to know was out there, but just couldn’t pinpoint.” - city in NE

“…Your services were as advertised and could not have been replicated by city staff. Your knowledge and expertise about telecom issues that we were not even aware existed was very impressive. You have command of the technical knowledge required to identify potential savings. As well as an understanding of how telecom companies operate that allowed you to navigate their inner workings to achieve savings that we never would have realized on our own. Your help, expertise and patience are much appreciated.” - rural city in MN

“Ms. Hudelson was thanked for her report, with special thanks for making contacts with other operators in the field to present some valid alternatives.” - rural city in MN

“……has the expertise in areas I don’t have time for….” - Rural city in MN

Every so many years it is good to evaluate the cost of supplies and services. This is a good way to do this without pressure or extra work on your behalf. It is done professionally and also with your knowledge of what is going on.” -Catholic school in Iowa

“We would recommend the same review for your business. It involved little effort on our part and since the fee is based on a percent of savings realized, there is no risk involved….” – rural hospital in NE