Uncovering Savings


Expense Reduction Services has a method for uncovering savings without reducing quality or service. Savings have been found for 94% of all clients in the most recent ten year period from 2007-2016, inclusive. This is typical of the last 25 years. Identified savings will run somewhere in the 5-6 digits per client (work $XX,000- $XXX,000/year).

Goods & Services

Savings are focused on goods and services. I work with you and your employees to identify your needs so that the savings brought forward are relevant and useful. You will receive written reports of savings opportunities, identifying the estimated annual savings and how to put them in place. If there are no savings or if you choose not to implement these opportunities, there is no fee.

It's All About YOU

  • YOU keep the control
  • YOU define your requirements
  • YOU make the decisions

My job is to help clients keep their sword sharpened, and to help them shine. Everything I do is about them.

Why Start Today

  • Find where you can save

  • No obligations

  • You keep the control

  • You define your requirements

  • You make the decisions

  • 94% of clients have found savings

Independent Skill and Objectivity Working For You

The business environment is so competitive today that more is expected with less resources available.

“I like being paid proportionately to the value I bring a customer. It’s not real common, it’s gutsy, and it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s genuine, challenging, and I enjoy it. I’m good at problem solving, I like the variety, and I enjoy getting out on the road every now and then, out to client sites. People in the rural Midwest have a “can-do” spirit. They’re usually not wasteful…they just have a lot on their plates. I’m an outside pair of eyes, who can come in and focus on specific things, and bring another perspective.”

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Savings Opportunities

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, garbage, telecom, CATV)
  • Chemicals, janitorial products
  • Waste treatment and removal
  • Couriers, express mail, freight
  • Emergency management expenses
  • Facilities management (HVAC, fire/security systems)
  • Factory/shop supplies
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Medical supplies and drugs
  • Medical and welding gases
  • Office expenses
  • Packaging and packaging supplies
  • Printing, stationery, forms
  • Raw materials
  • Taxes and recoveries
  • Travel
  • Uniforms, work clothing, safety wear
  • Vendor billing: prices paid vs. prices contracted
  • And many more