Chemicals, medical supplies, office supplies… place orders for, as you need them... and your invoices change monthly, up or down, based on your usage, and your order. Even electricity is based on monthly usage. Engineering services are contracted – for a specific job; the costs go away when the job is done. The invoices are pretty straight forward also; you pay for the product (or service) ordered, some freight, some tax. Not so with telecom.

Except for long distance and parts of cell phone bills, which are usage based, everything else on a telecom bill, once on your bill…stays there, month after month, year after year. In addition, telecom bills have many line items to them…all kinds of additional charges and fees. In addition, some line items are made up of components you can’t see; all you can see is the total you are being charged for.

This means if you or the telco made a mistake that costs you…it’s money down the drain, ongoing, forever, until human intervention stops it. The issue isn’t with getting line items on the bills; it’s getting them OFF.