What Is Offered:

Experience and Results

I, Brenda Hudelson, began this business in 1993 with over 10 years experience in public and private accounting prior. For 26 years I have been finding savings for clients on their day to day overhead. I review expenses with anywhere from $1.5 million to $400,000 to $50,000 of annual spend. Savings have been found for 94% of all clients in the most recent 10 year period from 2009-2018, inclusive. This is typical of the last 26 years. Identified savings will run somewhere in the 5 digits ($XX,000/year) per client, sometimes on the high side of that. Most savings recur annually.

Savings Laid Out For You

You will receive written reports of saving opportunities, identifying estimated annual savings and how to put them in place. You choose what to implement.

Your employees needs and wants are sought and taken into account.

Your valuable and limited time you primarily will be able to keep for your day to day activities. The process is structured to keep your staff time involvement minimal.

Most of the work is done offsite.

Fees are a percentage of the savings.

The Power of Leverage

With no out of pocket costs, a small labor commitment, and you keeping the control, this is a very conservative way, with nominal downside risk and a lot of upside potential, to find out how much more cash you can generate for other things.

How a Project Reviewing Telecom Comes Together

Why Start Today

  • Put cash back in your pocket
  • You keep the control
  • You define your requirements
  • You make the decisions
  • 94% of clients have found savings
  • Annual savings are like an annuity; they really add up as time goes by.

Past Clients Include:

*Photo Credit to Brenda Hudelson

Dow Rummel Village, Sioux Falls, SD
Dow Rummel Village learned about savings opportunities available in electricity, CATV, telecom and sewer charges worth $77,000 annually. It implemented 60% of the findings.

*Photo Credit to News Channel Nebraska

Platte County, Columbus, NE
I have been able to help Platte County save significantly on its telecom by doing an in depth review on two separate engagements. The last engagement cut the local service 61%.

*Photo Credit to Alex Carey, Burlington, IA

City of Burlington, Iowa
I was able to find the City of Burlington, Iowa $68,000 in savings on their utilities in the first year, of which $36,000 will be recurring annually. Smaller savings were found in three other expense areas worth another $13,000 annually. The City used 95% of the findings provided, eager to save money.

An Overview of My Procedures

A Broad List of Expense Categories Reviewed:

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, garbage, telecom, CATV, street lights)
  • Chemicals
  • Waste treatment and removal
  • Couriers, express mail, freight
  • Emergency management expenses
  • Facilities management (HVAC, fire/security systems)
  • Factory/shop supplies
  • Raw Materials
  • Food
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Medical supplies and drugs
  • Medical and welding gases
  • Office expenses
  • Janitorial products
  • Printing, stationery, forms
  • Fuel
  • Taxes and recoveries
  • Merchant card fees
  • Uniforms, work clothing, safety wear
  • Vendor billing: prices paid vs. prices contracted
  • And many more